Here at ESPM we offer both hair stroke eyebrows and a soft powder-fill eyebrow technique. Having your eyebrows subtly enhanced can help with hair loss issues due to aging, over-tweezing, alopecia and trichotillomania. Diminishing eyesight can also be a factor when determining of this service is right for you. Please call to schedule your free consultation today.

Hair Stroke Brows:


Powder Fill:




One thought on “Eyebrows

  1. Can I say Wow! What a difference it makes having eyebrows. I knew about eyebrow tattooing for years. Having two TATs on my legs I don’t know why I was afraid to have my brows done. After meeting with a childhood friend and she told me she had her brows tattooed, I thought why not. So began my search to find someone to do them. I did a Google search and quite by accident stumbled upon Eastern Shore Permanent Make up. Knowing that I would be in the beach area on weekends, I decided to schedule a consultation. Boy, I am so glad that I did.
    My consult was professional and personal. Mary Beth explained in detail what happens during the process and quieted any fears of pain. She helped me to select the perfect color and took many before pictures to map how she was going to give me what I call a perfect brow. You see I struggled many mornings trying to match both brows only to learn that brows are sisters not twins.
    After seeing myself with what a brow should vs what mine would look like, I scheduled an appoint to have them done.

    I was greeted warmly both times that I entered her salon. Marybeth studied the before pictures and explained again what she was going to do. A topical anesthetic was applied while she set up her room then again during the process, so any pain is minimal. I felt totally relaxed in the reclining chair and comforted underneath a warm fuzzy blanket. With mirror in hand Mary Beth performed her magic. Reassuring me along the way that I was doing well and asking how I felt. I was overly excited with my new look.
    Every day I catch myself looking in the mirror. My brows look so natural that no one knows I had them done unless I choose to tell them.
    I cannot wait to see the end result after my second appointment. Marybeth is right, your brows are dark after the first process and then they do fade a tad. But at your second application you will want to go darker.
    I am a blonde and must say my brow color came out darker than the shade of eyebrow pencil I was using. After seeing the results, I will admit I want the dark color

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