Today I had my eyebrows permanently “created” by Mary Beth. I am so very happy with the results and with Mary Beth and the lovely, relaxing space she has created to work in.

I do not like to have anything done to me by someone who is rushing through a procedure, who is all business and who suggests other work I could have done by them or another in the same group. I know what I want; if I am pleased with the results of that and want something else done I will ask about that. They can give me a brochure but let me feel like a person; not something you are trying to sell to. You will NOT find that happening with Mary Beth. She is one of the nicest people I have met; you feel comfortable with her right from the start. She asks about your comfort level during the procedure; has you look at what she is doing part of the way through. She is quite professional but she is also very concerned with how you are feeling.

I had the eyebrows done as I had over plucked them and also developed a thyroid condition.

It took time everyday to use eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder and I seemed to never get both eyebrows shaped the same way. Now that is not a problem.

Mary Beth’s prices are within reason. If you decide to have a consult you will be glad you did.

Susanne Messick

Can I say Wow! What a difference it makes having eyebrows. I knew about eyebrow tattooing for years. Having two TATs on my legs I don’t know why I was afraid to have my brows done. After meeting with a childhood friend and she told me she had her brows tattooed, I thought why not. So began my search to find someone to do them. I did a Google search and quite by accident stumbled upon Eastern Shore Permanent Make up. Knowing that I would be in the beach area on weekends, I decided to schedule a consultation. Boy, I am so glad that I did.

My consult was professional and personal. Mary Beth explained in detail what happens during the process and quieted any fears of pain. She helped me to select the perfect color and took many before pictures to map how she was going to give me what I call a perfect brow. You see I struggled many mornings trying to match both brows only to learn that brows are sisters not twins.

After seeing myself with what a brow should vs what mine would look like, I scheduled an appoint to have them done.

I was greeted warmly both times that I entered her salon. Marybeth studied the before pictures and explained again what she was going to do. A topical anesthetic was applied while she set up her room then again during the process, so any pain is minimal. I felt totally relaxed in the reclining chair and comforted underneath a warm fuzzy blanket. With mirror in hand Mary Beth performed her magic. Reassuring me along the way that I was doing well and asking how I felt. I was overly excited with my new look.

Every day I catch myself looking in the mirror. My brows look so natural that no one knows I had them done unless I choose to tell them.

I cannot wait to see the end result after my second appointment. Marybeth is right, your brows are dark after the first process and then they do fade a tad. But at your second application you will want to go darker.

I am a blonde and must say my brow color came out darker than the shade of eyebrow pencil I was using. After seeing the results, I will admit I want the dark color!

Clare C., Wilmington, DE

After meeting Mary Beth I found her to be a very charming and competent person in her field. I was very happy with the results! She made my appointment with her a very enjoyable experience. I would certainly high recommend her highly.

As I approach my 70th birthday, I decided to get something for myself that would make me both feel good, and look good.

Realizing that I have never learned to get my eyeliner looking good all day long, especially in warm weather, I decided to have permanent eyeliner done.

Mary Beth French of Eastern Shore Permanent Makeup did the most amazing job. Aside from being a true artist and professional, she was a pleasure to meet. She was dedicated to her craft and caring about me as a client.

She was constantly aware of my comfort level and satisfaction with what she was doing throughout the entire process. Her awareness of keeping a sterile workplace was important and appreciated.

I highly recommend Mary Beth to anyone considering any permanent makeup procedure.

L.S., Ocean Pines, MD

Mary Beth is the most professional, compassionate lady you will ever have the privilege to work with. I am so pleased with my wonderful new eyebrows! What a difference. I have thyroid issues and been frustrated for years with thinning, weak brows. Mary Beth’s sterile, relaxing environment gave me the confidence I needed to have the procedure done. Her knowledge and artistic sense of tattooing gave me very very natural looking eyebrows. I couldn’t be happier with my new look! She is truly a gem down on the eastern shore.

B. Harris, Dagsboro DE

I would highly recommend Mary Beth to anyone considering

Permanent make-up.

I was initially apprehensive because I wanted to make sure the results were subtle and natural looking.

Once I met Mary Beth and saw her natural look, my fears disappeared.

As a former science teacher, I appreciated her thorough explanation of the process, and her meticulous adherence to hygienic standards.

My family and friends tell me that I look years younger with my “new” brows. I have to honestly say that my brows far exceeded my expectations!I do indeed have a fresher, younger, uplifted look.

Mary Beth is a true professional who asks for and uses your input to achieve your desired look.

Wanda V., Bethany Beach DE

Mary Beth you are the best.

Every step of the way you were there for me.

You were very professional but yet friendly and very caring.

Your desire to have everything perfect was evident and much appreciated.

It was a great experience and I would recommend you to anyone.

Thank you

Karen, Ocean View DE

It’s been a week and a day since the second part of my permanent eyebrow and eyeliner make-up procedures. I have healed very quickly and I have to say that I love the natural look of both brows and eyeliner! Mary Beth’s expertise is amazing! Also impressive is the environment where she practices her considerable skills.

The room was immaculate and all the instruments used were sterile. I had absolute peace of mind at all times.As promised, both procedures were relatively painless. Just a little discomfort now and then, but very tolerable. I enjoyed the interaction afforded me during the preparation process as we chose the shape and color of the brows and liner. I also appreciated the consideration and respect given during the procedures. Mary Beth periodically asked how I was feeling and had me check my appearance in a mirror for approval and input on any changes desired. I felt that it was a uniquely collaborative effort.

I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Eastern Shore Permanent Makeup and Mary Beth to anyone who would like to experience the advantage of having permanent make-up. Not only does it save time on a daily basis, but it gives added confidence in knowing that you look your best!

Virginia F, Bethany Beach DE

I went to Mary Beth French for several facials over the last few years and found a big difference in my complexion. My husband says I look younger, fresher and I have a glow. We are both delighted with the results! I have always been curious about the prospects of permanent eyeliner and eyebrows but the thought of tattooing really scared me. Needless to say, when Mary Beth told me that she was going to open Eastern Shore Permanent Makeup it gave me the courage and confidence to move forward. My eyebrows look much fuller, yet natural and the procedure was painless. Mary Beth is very professional, knowledgeable and I am impressed with the caring and follow up I received and the cleanliness of her salon. She truly cares about her clients!!

Karen H., Bethany Beach, DE

“Since living in Delaware, I have found myself affected by seasonal allergies. Every spring and fall I am one of millions of Americans that suffer with watery eyes, sneezing, and yes, lets not forget the constant eye-itching. At these times of the year, I can’t wear eye make-up and using contact lenses is also impossible. Needless to say, I was feeling frustrated not looking how I would like to look.

A couple of years ago, I noticed that a friend of mine had permanent eyeliner and it looked great! I then thought that this could be a good solution to my problem, but was not feeling all that comfortable and secure about doing a procedure like that. After all, it is my face and most importantly my eyes! But a few months ago, my best friend had permanent lip makeup done by Mary Beth. I was taken by how natural and beautiful her lips looked. I then found out that she also did permanent eyeliner and so I decided to take a leap of faith. I have to admit, that this has been the best decision I have made.

I first had a consultation and Mary Beth explained step-by-step the procedure, she did this with so much detail that she put my mind at ease. Her kind and calming nature relaxed me from the start. Mary Beth is very professional and does her work in the most sterile environment. I am very happy with the results and sometimes I even forget that I have permanent eyeliner on and can’t stop looking at myself… because it looks great!”

K. Rodriguez – Ocean View, DE

“My choice of Eastern Shore Permanent Makeup was based upon client experiences with Mary Beth and her extensive experience in the makeup industry. In addition, she has committed to nationally recognized education and clearly displays her credentials.

As a nurse, I insisted on an excellent clinician with a strong focus on infection control as well as artistic talent. Mary Beth exceeded my expectations! It was a bit like going to the operating room, yet relaxed and peaceful.

Mary Beth is an exceptional communicator. She spent time listening to my goals and collaborating with me to ensure that I achieved the look I was going for. She guided me through the process and the expectations for healing and overall results. She maintained post-procedure communication regularly to make sure the healing process was going well. I went through the stages of healing exactly as she stated I would. Most importantly, I am thrilled with the results!”

Denise S. Morris, Assistant Nursing Professor, Wesley College


Since I have alopecia universalis it is hard to go through your everyday life feeling normal. I had my eyebrows tattooed on a year and a half ago and was looking to get them redone. They had faded substantially and I wanted to make sure they looked great on my wedding day. Unfortunately, the original practitioner was on medical leave and I didn’t know who to turn to. I found Marybeth online and noticed she did the hair stoke technique that I wanted. Marybeth is such a warm and professional individual! She was very informative and the place and her services were very clean and sanitary. She paid great attention to make sure everything was accommodating and comfortable. I had such a great experience and my eyebrows look great! I am looking forward to any future appointments. Thank you,

D. Vincent

Dover, DE

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  1. I would highly recommend Mary
    Beth to anyone considering
    permanent make-up.

    I was initially apprehensive because I wanted to make sure
    the results were subtle and
    natural looking.

    Once I met Mary Beth and
    saw her natural look, my
    fears disappeared.
    As a former science teacher,
    I appreciated her thorough
    explanation of the process,
    and her meticulous adherance
    to hygienic standards.

    My family and friends tell me that I look years younger with
    my “new” brows. I have to honestly say that my brows far exceeded my expectations! I do indeed have a fresher, younger, uplifted look.

    Mary Beth is a true professional
    who asks for and uses your input to achieve your desired look.

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