About ESM

Hello, I am Mary Beth French, the owner of Eastern Shore Makeup.

Mary Beth French / Owner ESM

I am a professional makeup artist with over 10 years experience; a licensed esthetician in both Maryland and Delaware; a certified (CPCP) and accredited member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals; a graduate of the Beau Institute of Permanent Makeup and a certified makeup artist with the American Cancer Society, Look Good Feel Better program. I am Delaware Department of Public Health certified and current with all Blood Borne Pathogen standards. We are by appointment only and offer free consultations. Please take a look at our menu of services and feel free to contact me directly with any questions you may have. Mary Beth French, CPCP marybeth@espmakeup.com 302-525-0822


Professional Training / Education
Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional

CPCP Certification
SPCP Continuing Education

SPCP Education Certificate
Beau Permanent & Corrective Cosmetics

Beau Cosmetics Certificate
Delaware Institute of Cosmetology

Certificate Delaware Learning Institute of Cosmetology
Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals

SPCP Membership
SPCP Member

SPCP Membership Certification
Advanced Education Machine Techniques

Advanced Machine Technique Certification
Shades & Strokes in Harmony

Shades and Strokes Certificate
Look Good… Feel Better American Cancer Society

Look Good Feel Good Cancer Society
Bloodborne Pathogens

Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate
Will Anthony Permanent Cosmetics Certificate

Will Anthony Certificate
Bloodborne Pathogens & Communicable Diseases

Biologix Bloodborne Pathogens Communicable Disease Certificate
Dermapigmentation Scar Training

Scar Dermapigmentation Training
Dermapigmentation Areola Training

Areola Dermapigmentation Training
Health License

Public Health Permit License
DE Cosmetology/Barbering Professional License

Cosmetology and Barbering License
MD Limited Esthetician License

Esthetician License
DE Aesthetician Professional License

Aesthetician Professional License
DE Business License

Business License

Film/Tv Projects

Trapped Buried Alive Movie
Zombie Town Movie
Arachnia Movie
Lightning Fire From The Sky Movie
Landslide Movie
Killer Flood The Day The Dam Broke Movie
Illegal Aliens Movie
Ice Queen Movie
The New Comers Movie
Frozen Impact Movie